Ram Macho Power Wagon Concept Unveiled

Ram trucks aren’t known for their subtlety, and the new Macho Power Wagon concept dials up the in-your-face nature of the popular super-duty truck. Featuring a Macho Mango paint scheme, an updated rack, massive 37-in. tires, and retro-inspired details, the new Power Wagon concept is a fitting tribute to the Power Rams of yesteryear.

Originally released from 1977 to 1981, the Ram Power Wagons featured 4WD capability, two-tone paint with stripes added, black bumpers, and roll bars. They also provided an aesthetic that was uniquely 1970’s and uniquely macho.

The latest Power Wagon concept has a few nods to the past, but it’s clearly engineered with more macho and less retro. A massive 6.4L V8 engine provides incredible power, while custom bumpers, skid plates, tow hooks, and wheel flares add greater protection and a tougher aesthetic.

In the back, a new rack system featuring in-bed tracks and a pair of hoops that slide to add a longer utility rack. The all-new Ramrack system is still in development, but may be making its on-road debut soon.

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